This is the place to find out all about Signature Analysis –
what a Signature says about the Writer

Why Signatures?

Because Signatures are the piece of writing we see most often.
Many times they are the ONLY writing we will ever see of that individual.

And they are so very revealing.

Analysing signatures is one of the most popular uses of handwriting analysis for non-professionals.

They are informative.  They are enlightening. They are  useful.
And They are fun!

You can analyse your own signature or you can analyse any other signature you can find.

How often have you looked at an unusual signature and asked yourself
That’s an unsual signature – I wonder what that means
I wonder why s/he writes their name that way ?

Find out now.   

Practical, easy and quick, this book helps you understand the personality of any writer.

  • You can use it just for fun, to satisfy your curiosity about people.
  • You can use it to create your own “Power Signature” so you give the impression you want.
  • Employers can use it to gauge potential employees.
  • Business people/ entrepreneurs can use to better understand customers.

There is nowhere where a better understanding of your fellow humans is not a bonus.

Christmas and birthdays become even more fun as you receive cards and letters – all with signatures!

This book is packed with information.
You’ll be amazed how much you can tell from just a signature.

Understand yourself and others better.

The Personality Analysis of
your Handwriting Signature 

(formerly the Signature Analysis Workbook) 

It will give you:

  • amazing insights to help you communicate more effectively with others,
  • help identify personal development goals for yourself.

All of the information that affects analysing any writing affects signatures too,
but there are several specific guidelines that only relate to signatures.

You can find out everything you want to know about analysing signature
in the new, revised and updated

Personality Analysis of
your Handwriting Signature 

Personality Analysis from your Handwriting Signature

 Here’s what you will find in this book:

  • Ideas for using this Workbook
  • What to Write
  • Workbook of Personality Descriptions
  • Are your general writing and your signature the same in appearance?
  • Things that affect how you write your signature
  • How Far Away The Signature Is From The Rest Of The Writing
  • Where You Place Your Signature -left, right or centre
  • The size of the signature in comparison to the size of the rest of the writing
  • Legibility
  • Do you write all your names out in full, or use initials
  • Different sizes of names in same signature
  • Underlining
  • Other Lines on Signatures:
  • Identifying the differences between the writing in the body of the writing and the signature:
  • Gaps between names in signatures
  • Worksheet at a Glance
  • Index of Personality Traits

Here is a Free sample chapter Personality Analysis of your Handwriting Signature ?

Reviews of Personality Analysis of your Handwriting Signature Ebook

I really enjoyed this book.  It was such fun to read and so accurate in its assessments. Thank you.
J. Gordon, Irvine, CA, USA  

I analyzed my own signature and my sisters’ signatures and we all think you are spot on!
I would recommend this book to anyone.     R. Ruthers, London, UK

What a wonderful book.  I used it during a get-together and we all had so much fun analysing each other’s signatures.
Excellent entertainment and very true.   
L. Mahers, Vancouver, BC, Canada 

I now underline my signature, place it in the centre of the page, and make it slightly bigger than the rest of my writing.
I’m feeling better already 🙂
G. Anderdoff, San Francisco, CA, USA 

The Personality Analysis of
your Handwriting Signature 

Personality Analysis from your Handwriting Signature




Fiona MacKay Young
(Certified Handwriting Analyst)

Fiona MacKay Young



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